Temazos para el finde: «BIG ENCHILADA»


PODCAST 24 BIGPara este fin de semana os proponemos sumergiros en el garaje chicano 60’s más sulfuroso de los sesenta, de la mano de este recopilatorio llamado «Big Enchilada» de los frikis de GarageHideout. ¡Está padre amigo!

Aquí tenéis el tracklist:

(Background Music: Panic Button by The Fireballs )
I Wanna Come Back from the World of LSD by The Fe-Fi Four Plus 2
Willow by Manby’s Head
Cave Man by Blood-Drained Cows
Go Away by The Plague
When Will I Find Her by Mike Renolds & The Infants of Soul
La Mula Bronca by Al Hurricane

(Background Music: Mr. Big by The Four Frogs)
Witches by Bichos
Run Girl Run by The Movin’ Morfomen
Who’s Been Driving My Little Yellow Taxi Cab by Lincoln Street Exit
Spreading the Love Vibration by 27 Devils Joking
Working Girl by The Strawberry Zots
El Corrido de Emilio Naranjo by Angel Espinoza

(Background Music: Little Big Hair by Milo de Venus)
The Movies by The Angel Babies
For Your Love by Mother Structman’s Jams and Jellies
Goat Throat by The Scrams
Tipi Tipi Tin by Baby Gaby
(Background Music: Moonbeam by King Richard & The Knights)

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