Escucha el último «Garage Monsters – The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 9»


garagemonsterTambién te lo puedes descargar por 7 dólares (con portada imprimible), que van destinados a apoyar a la estupenda web «GaragePunk Hideout». Hay temones del increíble Rev. Tom Frost (un Tom Waits del garage parisino), Undercover Bonobos, Acid Fascists, Big Vinny & The Cattle Thieves, Thee Gravemen, The Bama-Lama’s, Ghost Bikini…

1. BIG VINNY & THE CATTLE THIEVES – Got Me a Monster (Phoenix, AZ USA)
2. SHOUTING THOMAS & THE TORMENTS – Dead Man Slide (Cleveland, OH USA)
3. REV. TOM FROST – A Bloody Life (Paris, France)
4. PARADISE – Creatures of the Night (Portland, OR USA)
5. THE BLUE GIANT ZETA PUPPIES – The Wild Ride of Ichabod Crane (Farncombe, England)
6. HAUNTED GEORGE – The Chooper (Llano Del Rio, CA USA)
7. SONIC REVERENDS – Have Some Mercy! (Marinha Grande, Portugal)
8. AGENT TWANG – Ghost Train (Cumbria, England)
9. ACID FASCISTS – All Kinds of Twisted (Edinburgh, Scotland)
10. NORTHSIDE GARAGE – Voodoo Love Song (Cincinnati, OH USA)
11. RATTLIN’ BONE (FEAT. THE VAMPIRETTES) – Shoot Me Down (London, England)
12. EVIL FARM CHILDREN – Brain Buffet (Ottawa, ON CAN)
13. UNDERCOVER BONOBOS – Shadow World (North Brunswick, NJ USA)
14. LOVESTRUCK – Shoot the Freak (Brooklyn, NY USA)
15. TORN DOWN UNITS – Lost on Ghost Road (Orangeville, ON CAN)
16. THE NEVERMORES – Shallow Grave (St. Louis, MO USA)
17. THEE GRAVEMEN – Rockin’ in the Graveyard (Malmö, Sweden)
18. THE APES PARTY – Bunga Bunga (Florence, Italy)
19. DEATH BY UNGA BUNGA – Violent Femmes (Oslo, Norway)
20. THE IMPROBABLES – Angel With Batwings (Philadelphia, PA USA)
21. THE DESPERATE TWISTERS – Run Witch Run (Paris, France)
22. AL HOTCHKISS – Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins (Glasgow, Scotland)
23. CHAZDADDY – I’m Your Frankenstein (Rochester, NY USA)
24. THE BAMA LAMAS – Hunger (Chicago, IL USA)
25. THE REBEL SET – Nightmare (Phoenix, AZ USA)
26. GHOST BIKINI – Spooks (Atlanta, GA USA)
27. THE VOODUO – House on Haunted Hill (Long Beach, CA USA)
28. FIRE BAD! – Rattlin’ Bones (Oklahoma City, OK USA)
29. CYCO SANCHEZ SUPERGROUP – Beware (of the Zombie Bombie Bear) (Tübingen, Germany)
30. THE BRIMSTONES – Voodoohexenshakit! (Edison, NJ USA)
31. THEE CORMANS – The Maniac (Los Angeles, CA USA)
32. THE THINGZ – Secret Chamber (Long Beach, CA USA)
33. THE UNGODLY 77’S – Run Out of Town (Ann Arbor, MI USA)


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